Toxic Tattoo Inks in the Skin


Tattoo ink is known to cause various allergic reactions in skin, leading to discomforts such as skin rash, itchy, swelling, redness, fluid discharge, these infections may occur even years after you get the tattoo. Ink coloring plays a large role in several effects of getting a tattoo. Particularly tattoo allergies are mostly caused by the red and green ink.




The strange reaction caused by tattoo inks is scaring. The needles are attached to a tattoo gun or tattoo machine pushes the needles speedily and the tattoo artist presses the gun against the skin, if it continuous this may lead to scaring, and excessive bleeding.

Bloodborne Diseases

Infection is the largest risk when getting tattooed or pierced, as unhygienic needles can pass infections such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tetanus hepatitis, HIV and other bloodborne diseases. When Tattoo artists use the same needle, from one person to another person it will severely affect you because blood can be mixed with the ink.

Skin Infections

Skin infections depends upon skin types, as each of us have different skin types not a same skin using the same ink receptacles for more than one customer will cause dangerous skin infections, few obvious symptoms bacterial infections, characterized by redness, swelling etc.

Useful instructions to protect your skin:

  • To secure our skin from the infections we must see to certain things, the tattoo artists must avoid some prohibited things such as unchanged inks, unchanged needles and taking long time to put tattoos with full of pain.
  • Search for the tattoo parlor, make sure the artists are clean with their practices and they open all products in front of you if disposable, and make sure the needles are spotlessly clean.
  • Choosing a right color is very important one in tattoo design, because colors creates allergies to your skin, so in order to deal with colors choose right skin care products or you have to consider tattoo specialist.
  • The tattoo artist need to use gloves at all times and also avoid using the same needles twice because it brings contagious disease like HIV.
  • For getting best result take some time to pick the right parlour and the right artist who give utmost importance to your skin tone and make use of the right ink color that suits you.

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