Tattoo Camouflage

Tattoo Camouflage You can now Hide your tattoo with the new technology calls Tattoo Camouflage Range. Our Porducts are easy to apply and  provide a natural, smudge and water resistant coverage for up to 24 hours. You can simply apply this for the events like job interview or Weddings without removing your tattoo permanently.

Tattoo Camouflage has been proven from a different skin experts and suites any type of skins.

Our range of shades and high colour pigment enables a perfect colour match for all skin tones. Please visit our shop page to chose the right colour or simply contact us



Available Colours

You may need to apply a second cover over the first due to the boldness of the colours of some tattoos. The instructions on the back of the cover explain how to do this. To even out the ‘Hide Ink’ tattoo cover with the rest of your skin, you may apply make up powder to ‘blend in’ or tanning spray over it.

Available Colours:


4cb283aedf0d91-170x127 almond bronze copper dark dark-bronze fair golden ivory lite med med-dark olive pale tan

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