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Make up concealers mainly target the one time/special occasion users. They are much more labour intensive; typically taking 30 minutes or more to apply several layers and sometimes up to four hours to dry. Hide InkTattoo Covers targets the day to day users; although, we have had many testimonials from brides that have used our product and loved the results.

You can remove Hyde, Ink. Tattoo Covers with rubbing alcohol, baby oil, or transparent household tape. They are resistant to water and most soaps to ensure that they last several days on the skin. To remove, saturate with household rubbing alcohol or baby oil; wait 15 seconds, then rub away with cotton ball or wash cloth.

Hide Ink Tattoo Covers may not blend perfectly with the skin as skin tones vary from person to person. For the most part, our covers will match well enough to provide an easy, quick, economic way to adhere to company policies for no visible tattoos on a daily basis.  If you are going to use it for a special occasion, try it before-hand to make sure you like the way it looks on you. Leave it on for 24 hours and see at which point it matches your skin tone the best as the appearance may vary slightly over time. Many people who use them for special occasions will use makeup over the cover to blend it to their individual skin color.

Be sure not to use “oil based” makeup over it as some oils will remove the cover. Also, the “rounder” the shape you cut the cover into before applying it, the less noticeable it is. Corners on a square cover tend to catch the eyes attention a little more than a circular shape. Please feel free to contact us with your specific situation and we will answer your questions and give you suggestions on how to get the best results from our product.

Depending on how close to a joint the tattoo is, some “cracking” may appear when you first apply your Hide Ink Tattoo Cover, but it usually lessens over time. If applying near a joint or other “high skin movement area”, apply while skin is in a semi-stretched position to reduce cracking.

A second application over the first is sometimes needed for full coverage if the Hide Ink Tattoo Cover does not completely cover your tattoo. You will still retain all the comfort and flexibility you had with only one layer.

Hide Ink tattoo covers appear shiny because the ink has not been exposed to the air until you remove the protective plastic sheet. The shiny appearance goes away over the first hour or so. The appearance enhances over time.

: Many factors play a part in the duration of Hide InkTattoo Covers. However, it is possible that these covers could last several days. This depends on how and where applied and usage. Many “concealers” boast that they will last 6-8 hours before a second application is required.

Yes, Hide Ink Tattoo Covers are waterproof.

It is fast and easy to apply. The skin should be clean and free of oils and makeup. Next, remove the clear, protective top sheet. Then, press the tattoo firmly onto clean, dry skin with the design facing down. Hold a wet cloth against the back of the cover; press down and make sure to wet it thoroughly. Wait 30 seconds and slowly peel-off the paper backing. Gently rinse the image with water for best effect and allow the tattoo to dry before touching or covering with clothing. Every cover has these “How to Apply” instructions on the back.

Yes. Hide Ink tattoo covers are completely safe, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. It uses only FDA certified colorants and time-proven manufacturing techniques to ensure our products meet or exceed all applicable U.S. and international regulatory requirements. They are manufactured in the USA with FDA approved ink by the largest producer of temporary tattoos in the world. All of our products meet safety standards for cosmetic and toy products. Certification documentation is available upon

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