Birthmark with Makeup

birthmark-with-markup-150x150Birthmark is not a big issue to hide. Not every one like their birthmark because some of us have birthmark around area such as neck, hands, face it shows large. Many of us are always finding a way to cover those imperfections which can range from birthmarks. High-quality body makeup gives us a way to hide those imperfections, so it will make your body looks perfect.

Basically skin types are fatty skin, dry as a bone, common skin, sensitive skin and combination skin. If you have a sensitive skin it is easy to determine as it tends to irritate easily after applying any creams and dry skin has an itchy and tight feeling comparing it to oily skin, so in order to deal with this type of skin choose right skin care cosmetic products.  In the market variety of makeup creams are available, that are not always best in  quality, so before buying the creams you have to check it for its manufacturing date, validity and also to details such as its composition & whether  it is manufactured by medical practitioner. Choosing the right cream is too important earlier than to applying in the skin, otherwise it will affect the skin and cause skin infections.

Some important steps about how to hide a birthmark with makeup are given below:

  • Start on by applying a light, water-based foundation over the entire area and avoid using too many creams because it reflect over-made look, and may even lead to a bad skin tone. Place a skinny coating or layer of concealer over the complete birthmark. Continue with even strokes or lines therefore the covering can mix. Place a coat of foundation over the concealer.
  • Don’t use an excessive amount of foundation. This can create the covering uneven and seem to be bulky. Makeup usually does a good job of hiding Birthmarks; it blends the imperfection into the surrounding skin tone.
  • In general, you can buy a color concealer in green, yellow and lavender. Green is used to reduce the effect of red tones on the skin and is useful for spots, red scars; red blotchiness on cheeks or nose, the green color corrector that is sheer is easiest to work with. Yellow is used to conceal the dark moles, age spots, and blue tattoos. Lavender will return to normal any imperfections that are yellow, such as yellow or brownish bruises that may be dark on tanned skin tones.
  • Makeup concealers generally come in four different forms tube, stick, pot, pencil. Tube which contains a liquid cream that can be show a discrepancy in moisture content, these types of concealers are usually pure, appropriate your lighter skin shades that will be inclined towards dryness. Stick and pot which contains a solid dry cream that can use for darker skin tones. Pencil which contains a solid dry cream that are used on most skin types and are best suited to very small areas like touch-ups.
  • For right makeup expertise with color and style is essential; in addition to possessing skills of a good makeup artist. If you don’t have the knowledge regarding makeup then it is hard to do a job.

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